The regional TV channel “Bayrischer Rundfunk” (a subgroup of the national channel ARD) wrote:

 “I enjoyed reading both of your books very much. The stories about the little tomcat Matu are very suitable for small childrens and also very entertaining for adult cat lovers. I could easily see your stories as basis for a TV production.” 


 The editor in chief of BUMMI, a children magazine for over 40 years, says:

 “I enjoyed reading your Cat stories. The little tomcat really touches one’s heart.” 


The children channel of ZDF and ARD (the two official German TV channels) said:

 “.. that we ..  think the stories are very appropriate for kids and very vivid!”


 The Bavarian ministry of education and culture said about the Matu books the following: 

“It was very interesting to evaluate the ‘World of Matu’. I can imagine the use of the books in class for different goals.” 


Bertelsmann book and media distribution wrote:

"Thank you very much for your Matu-Books, we enjoyed them immensely. His adventures are fantastic and thrilling and certainly appropriate for children and cat lover of any age. Also the illustrations are impressive and emphasize the mood of the story beautifully."


Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency in New York wrote:

"I see why so many people have enjoyed your books in Germany - this is a truly adorable series."


 Here are a couple of samples of letters from my exited readers:

 "Since my kid love your Matu books so much, I would like to order Matu A Troublesome Summer." 

 "I read your cat books about Matu with much excitement. Could you please let me know what other books are available with Matu. I own Matu The Little Tomcat and Matu A Home At Last. Thank you very much"

 "Since I read your beautiful book Matu The Little Tomcat I am looking for the second volume you described above. Please, dear Ms Fuchs-Waldherr, arrange that I receive the title Matu A Home At Last. You should really write some more cat books, since you got the right feeling for it"


In the USA the Matu stories can also be read in the Cats & Kittens magazine.


And here are some comments from Matu's youngest friends

"I like the book very much."

"The book is very nice, because he does a lot of nice things."

"I liked the part where Matu and Max had a fight."

"I liked the book about Matu very much and it was fun to read it."

"I don't think it is right that Matu and Max are separated. I think it is good that Matu lives through big Adventures and that he catches mice with Max. The book is exciting and very nice."

"The story is described very well. It is exciting."

"Bad: Matu was given away. Good: The book is very exciting and very nice."

"The book is nice. I want to write a book like that."

"I liked the part where he is digging through the earth in the flower pots."

"I also would like to have a sweet cat like Matu."

"Good: the name, that Matu likes to play and that Max is a hunter."

"In all I found the book very good. There wasn't a bad chapter."

"I think the story of Matu is very suitable for children."

"Matu is a smart cat. An idea for the next book: Matu in the big city."

"It is very nice because it is a story in which a tomcat is walking through life."

"Bad: that Matu was given away. Good: that Max thought Matu to hunt mice."

Hedy Fuchs-Waldherr
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